Zakspeed is a traditional company with a 46-year track record in national and international motorsport. Over 423 individual victories and over 22 national and international championship titles make Zakspeed one of the most successful German racing teams.

Unforgettable are the big ZAKSPEED victories with Escort and Capri, the BMW M3, the Mercedes and not least the ITC victories with the Opel Calibra. ZAKSPEED was also very successful in the DTM. In the years 1987 to 1995, numerous individual victories and a German championship and two runner-ups were driven out.

ZAKSPEED also took on the challenge of Formula 1 and in the 1980s, along with Ferrari, was the only racing team to produce its complete vehicle, including the engine and transmission itself. is a media company dedicated to bringing you the very best content about the sim racing community.