Michi Hoyer (GER) Avid Chronic Racing Team, on way to the win at the 2016 Formula SimRacing ACE British Grand Prix. 

In the run up to the 2017 Formula SimRacing (FSR) World Championship Season, We are proud to announce the formation of the Avid Chronic Racing (ACR) Driving Academy.

Avid Chronic Racing celebrated a lot of success in the 2016 Formula SimRacing Championship Season. Achieving both championship in FSR’s second tier, ‘ACE’ – With Michi Hoyer taking the Driver’s Championship and along with Pashalis Gergis and Martin Stefanko, they were able to secure the Constructors title. We also saw success in the ‘PRO’ series, FSR’s third tier. Canadian – David Cook took the driver’s championship at the final round in Brazil and the team narrowly missed out the Constructors by only a few points. FSR’s main World Championship series saw us take a handful of podiums and 5th in the constructors standings overall.

The Academy is being directed by PRO race winner; Christopher Rabey and Team Principal and 2016 FSR ACE Champion; Michi Hoyer, with the aim to support those new to Sim Racing and those that are looking to improve, and help them mature into race winning drivers. Helping them gather an advanced knowledge and understanding of setups to adjust baseline setups to their individual driving style, and to assist the Team with making the week-by-week setup changes from one Race Circuit to another. All Academy Drivers will receive the ‘Advanced Setup Guide for rFactor 2’ made by ACR Drivers; David O’Reilly and Michi Hoyer to assist them in achieving better setups.


Martin Stefanko (CZ) Avid Chronic Racing Team hunting down Petar Brljak (CRO) Thrustmaster Twister Racing for the lead of the 2016 Formula SimRacing World Championship Brazilian Grand Prix.  

One massive part of any race is strategy, without the perfect strategy, you won’t win the race. Racing in FSR’s AMA, PRO or ACE series, you will unlikely have a race engineer, so it is important to think on your own feet. Thinking on your own feet would include; Tyre Life (Only you know how many laps you can do on a set of tyres), Fuel consumption, Litres required at the pit stop – New for this year, FSR is bringing back refuelling, so now that’s another equation into the massive bowl, that is Strategy – “How many litres?” “Can the options last for 80 litres?” “How much slower is 80 litres compared to 40”, there’s loads to think about and consider when planning your race. We will make sure that you learn techniques that can help you plan the race, work out fuel, tyre life etc.

We also plan on helping Academy Drivers understand the Simulator used, in FSR’s case its rFactor 2. rFactor 2 has a long list of Plugins and Applications that can help drivers understand what the car is doing with the setup, tyre wear, fuel usage, engine wear – all aspects. We will go over Replay Merging to see where time is being lost to team mates, MoTEC for telemetry readouts and TrackMap for real time readouts;

  • Fuel Usage per lap
  • Fuel Remaining
  • Tyre Percentage
  • Engine Water/Oil Temperatures
  • Lap Times
  • Race Order


David Cook (CAN) Avid Chronic Racing Team, taking his first FSR victory – 2016 Formula SimRacing PRO Bahrain Grand Prix. 

All vital feedback to inform drivers when out on track, without clear information there could be issues with running out of fuel before the end of the race, hitting the cliff with tyre wear and blowing up the engine. TrackMap is very handy in regards to setup work. In particular the engine temperatures. Teams will experiment with different radiator duct size when configuring the setup, and that real time information will help in telling you where the engine is the hottest on the circuit the exact degrees the engine reaches, allowing you to find the sweet spot in cooling and not affecting the car’s aerodynamics too much.

If you are interested in joining the ACR Academy, please contact the Academy Director below:

Chris Rabey – ACR Academy Director
Discord:  Chris Rabey#6395