About ACR

Avid Chronic Racing (ACR) is an international esports and simracing team.  The team has roots in console and PC racing.  ACR races in leagues worldwide with a variety of drivers.

Avid Chronic Racing was established as a top tier console racing team founded in 2009 in coordination and conjunction of the TSR and SITH teams and their leaders. ACR set out to have a team 100% focused on developing drivers and attracting the best talent already out there to create that top tier team. With the introduction of the team forums on the Apex Racing League (ARL), now called Apex Online Racing (AOR), in March 2012 this allowed a vast expansion into a massive community of drivers and characters.  

In 2013, ARL removed the team forums and so our website and related forums were created.

2013 also saw the formation of iRacing and Formula Sim Racing Teams. This allows ACR to have a presence in the top tiers of virtual sim racing.

2014 was the first full season in the Formula SimRacing World Championship.  A variety of drivers made the season a moderately successful one but ACR was able to build a good base of drivers that positioned itself well for the future.

Near the end of 2017 Avid Chronic Racing and Vod:Bul Motorsports merged, automatically gaining entrance into the GPVWC Super League as both a team and an engine manufacturer.  ACR also gained entrance into the Virtual Endurance Championship as a result of the merger.

For 2018, Avid Chronic Racing and the legendary Zakspeed team have partnered to bring the Zakspeed name into the world of virtual motorsports.  The team's top drivers will race under the ACR Zakspeed banner.

Origins of the Team Name

The origins of the name were when the SITH team and TSR team combined in 2009 when playing Forza Motorsport 3 at launch. This led me to come up with the name and there was this one car that was featured in Forza 3 and I loved it. Dodge Viper ACR. Then I stumbled upon their ACR logo which we used during the first few years. I just had to come up with what words the acronym ACR would stand for. And because we were all basically "addicted" to racing that was the keyword that I ran with. When I put all three together for the first time I knew it described me and its members perfectly. We were all completely addicted to racing virtual and real life.

-- ACR Raven (Cody Blanton) Avid Chronic Racing Team Founder

Vod:Bul Motorsports

VBM started out in 2004 in a students bedroom with a passion for simracing on GP4. Over the next 13 years the team grew to include up to 15 teams racing at the same time across a range of cars, from single seaters, endurance LMP1, GT, historic and touring cars. Success and great drivers came through the team, with some members from 2004 staying in the team throughout their careers. 2013 saw the team take the next step and take simracing more seriously bringing with it multiple race wins, 3 top level titles and 5 minor titles. The team finsihed 2017 as GPVWC superleague and International touring cup drivers and constructors champions and having Rudy Van Buren win Mclarens worlds fastest gamer contract.
-- Mike Pitman Vod:Bul Motorsports Owner