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Formula-SimRacing Team Malaysia Weekend Review

Kris Cobb

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Avid Chronic Racing enjoyed mixed success at Malaysia. ACE Driver Pashalis Gergis and PRO Driver Nikodem Wisniewski were the stars of the weekend, both getting top 5 finishes after Back of Grid Penalties.

In the PRO Series, Eugene van Loggerenberg and David Cook made it to Q2, in 8th and 10th respectively. Unfortunatly, the first lap claimed Eugene and David O'Reilly, followed by Pascal Chapon in his FSR debut 2 laps later. Wisniewski started well, getting in the top 10 in the first few laps. Yoichi Uehara had early trouble, dropping down the field and holding on to the lead lap as much as he could. Yoichi finished 16th, 2 laps down. Lionel Klue cam from a Back of Grid penalty to finish 10th. David Cook had another solid race, gaining 2 positions to finish in 8th place. The star of the race was to be Nikodem, starting from the back and finishing an amazing 4th place, just 23 seconds behind the race winner.

rFactor2 2015-04-14 12-43-32-24.jpg

In the ACE Series, three of our drivers had Back of Grid penalties, Pashalis Gergis, Teemu Valkeejarvi, and Georg Winter. Michi Hoyer was absent and was replaced by Daniel Bida, who was on last year's ACE Team. Daniel retired 6 laps into the race, making a fatal mistake. Georg Winter was within 2 laps of finishing and was doing well when he spun and got stuck in a wall, having to retire. Teemu Valkeejarvi, for the second race in a row, earned 10th place after a drive from the back. Pashalis Gergis finished in 5th place, being the quickest driver on track in the last stint of the race. The ACE drivers surely look forward to China.

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In the World Championship, John-Eric Saxen got into Q2, while Peter Helmbro had a Back of Grid penalty. The race proved to be difficult for both drivers. Helmbro finished in 16th, a not unexpected result after his penalty. Saxen finished in 10th place, and very close to 9th but just did not have enough laps to get past. Saxen's effort was rewarded though with a single point, and this season will probably prove that every point counts.

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Round 3 moves on to China and to Shanghai International Circuit.