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FSR 2016 - PRO Drivers interviews Part 4


Pascal Chapon

How much experience have you had with RF2, and othere sim titles?
I started rF2 with the 298 build. My very first sim title experience was nothing else than Crammond's Grand Prix 2. With a few blank years between them...
League experience?
Essentially, 2015 FSR Pro Championship for Avid Chronic Racing
Open wheeler experience?
I became reserve driver for ACR in 2014 and that's how it all started...
What stimulated your interest in FSR itself?
The challenge of a highly competitive field,
Any favourite real world tracks?
Spa, Singapour, Cota, Brazil and Monaco ofc
And drivers?
Vettel, Grosjean, Vandoorne for active ones; and probably Prost, Senna, Schumacher and Lauda for retired ones.

Which F1 driver do you most feel like?
Hmm... well, up to now, rather like Will Stevens or Roberto Mehri :)
Or want to feel like?
Vergne would be largely satisfying
How are you feeling about Pro?
a bit more confident than last year definitely. It's a bit of a mix between haste and tension.
What are your expectations?
Definitely, getting into the points a couple of times at least.
Will you get into the points?
Hopefully then :)
Can you set up a car or will the team help in this area?
Yes and the team will help, I don't doubt about that.
What about strategy?
An area I intend to work on more this year. The new car is gonna be a challenge regarding tyre wear, so I'd say it should have a bigger place than last year in the success of drivers during races. Now I know I'll learn from the best :)
What would you say are your strengths? (eg one lap quali pace, race craft, finishing, tyre mangement, strategy.
Quite honestly I don't think there's any particular thing that stands out as a real "strength", but as I have worked on improving a lot of aspects of my driving during last year and the break between seasons, if there's one thing I can pinpoint it'd be the absence of any major weakness.

What do you feel you need to work on the most to improve?
Pace -as usual- but moreover I'd say "pace + tyre management", and strategy.
Why ACR as a team?
What can I say, they are the beating heart of the FSR community... :)
How are you feeling about your team mate?
Err... actually, I'm not even sure I have one... :)
How are you feeling about the change to the V6 hybrid tech car for 2016?
The new car feels great now, even if it took a little while to get used to the new traction.
Can you do better than last year (which was? best finish, final championship result)
This is what I'm here for. best finish was 12th and 27th for championship. Ideally, as close to top 15 as possible at the end of the season, 8th to 16th on races.
What will you do differently to 2015?
As usual I'll do my best so ... nothing I guess.