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FSR 2016 - PRO Drivers interviews Part 3


David O'Reilly
How much experience have you had with RF2, and other sim titles?
In RF2 since launch, prior to that Codies F1 titles and way back to F1 97 but only sporadic.
League experience?
Codies F1 Leagures on Xbox, A few endurance leagues in RF2, and FSR Pro in 2015.
Open wheeler experience?
What stimulated your interest in FSR itself?
The Youtube Videos of the amazing battles as Morand fought with Bono Huis.
Any favourite real world tracks?
The "S's" Suzuka, Spa, Silverstone but happy on many more. Esp Bathurst in GT cars.
And drivers?
There are several I respect for different reasons.
Button for his courage in adversity, skill in changeable conditions.
Webber as he was an Aussie. an all round good bloke and very good driver.
Grosjean for his abilty to transform from that "lap 1 nutcase" to the hero of Spa who podiumed with bailiffs in the paddock. In a sport where money is pace that performance is up there with Senna in

Which F1 driver do you most feel like?
Last season I felt like Gerhard Berger. Out-paced by my team mate but having a good time anyway.
Or want to feel like?
Like David O'Reilly regularly in the top 10.
How are you feeling about Pro?
It lived up to my expectations in 2015. Super fast guys at the front like Jeroen Kweekel (WC race winner), then a big spread to the back. It pushed me to find more. I had to pre qualify several times but always made the grid unless I had PC issues.
What are your expectations?
To do better.
Will you get into the points?
I scored top 10 points last season twice, with a best result of P8. I think I will do that more often.
Can you set up a car or will the team help in this area?
In my head I can set up a car, some other people have the same view.
What about strategy?
I like that side a lot. Taking the objective data such as prime tyre offset (or delta), tyre life, pit lane time and then marrying it with the subjective data like how will it all pan out amongst the other drivers and then taking an overview. I think I get it right mostly.
What would you say are your strengths? (eg one lap quali pace, race craft, finishing, tyre mangement, strategy.
In 2015 it was race craft, tyre management and strategy.
What do you feel you need to work on the most to improve?
My one lap pace and measured aggression. If I was to critique my performance I would say I drove FSR more like it was a 12 hour race.
Why ACR as a team?
Rejoining for my second season. We have a great bunch or guys who put a lot in, in their various different ways.
How are you feeling about your team mate?
David evolved very quickly in the FSR environment. I knew him from Codies days and he has good natural pace and an enquiring mind. He is also very pragmatic. For example he will start in the pit lane if he feels that the first sector will be carnage.
We have good communication and respect and we did an endurance race together in the Winter.
He comprehensively beat me in 2015 with a best of 4th place compared to my best of 8th place.
If I beat David in a straight fight it will mean I have had a good day, but I dont think its impossible.

How are you feeling about the change to the V6 hybrid tech car for 2016?
Very excited. It has brought FSR forwards from 2012 to 2016. It re shuffles the deck and I think I can be competitive in this car. When I got in and drove it, it felt exciting.
Can you do better than last year (which was? best finish (P8), final championship result (P20)).
Yes I can. My target is to be in the top 10 more often than not, so say 8 times. I would like to steal a top 5 or better.
What will you do differently to 2015?
On occasions I drove well in 2016. My qualifying let me down a lot and normally I moved forwards in the race significantly. This was due in part to spending a lot of time playing with set up on full fuel. Working on tyre life, tweaking stuff. I like all that. I generally raced on my own scratch built set up.
But it's not always best to do what you like the most. I guess it's like being in the gym, its really helpful to work more on your weaknesses than on what you are comfortable with.
David Cook my team mate was more pragmatic and picked the low hanging fruit. In comparison he would mostly drive with Kuba's set, share data, analyse Motec work hard on pace and emulate as best he could what Kuba did. Now that takes pure talent, it's not like you can photocopy a lap but it was cleverer than what I was doing.
We would get to the day before a race and I would have done no quali work at all, and David would have done no long runs at all. His approach worked better!
I possibly made it harder than I needed to do.
I need to use the resources of ACR better including advice from top drivers.
In 2016 I will ask more often for help, spend twice as much time on driving skills and finding pace than I will on set up.
I'll arrive at quali with my "A Game" ready, instead of " I guess we have to qualify first" attitude.
Equipment wise I have learned some things that hurt my performance in the sim, I had mini freezes in several rounds that cost me lap time. Also I have updated my rig. All that can help a little.
Thes things will not make me an alien but will help me bring my 100% best more of the time.