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FSR 2016 - ACE Drivers interviews part 2


Mike Partington

What has been your best FSR result to date?
2015 World Championship Spa. Qualified 2nd and finished 5th. A complete shock to be honest.

How do you feel about the 100% distance format?
Full race distance for me is very exciting. Strategy and consistency is key and is something I am looking forward too.

What are your expectations regarding results/performance?
I don't have any targets set. I just want to go out and enjoy my racing but challenging for a few podiums would help.

Do you get help with set up and strategy?

I normally develop alot of my own setups and strategies because everyone has their own driving style but I look forward to trying out new things and adapting to a new car and testing with new teammates.

Where do you feel you improved the most last season?

My race pace definitely improved over in 2015 and I hope to take that a step further in 2016.

What do you want to work on now?

Qualifying is very important and challenging for me. I tend not to be aggressive enough to put in hotlaps so its something I would like to work on. I also made more mistakes than I wish to remember last season in races and failed to properly finish any of the first 3 races of last season so will be looking to cut out mistakes this year and finish more races than not. I will never forget the 'neutral' incident at Blanchimont.

What brought you to ACR?

ACR has a great structure in place for all levels of drivers and the atmosphere of everyone working together to get the best results and have fun doing so.