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FSR 2016 - ACE Drivers interviews Part 1

Pashalis Gergis

What has been your best FSR result to date?

My first win in Monza, last year, how could someone forget?! We also had a 1-2 in China with Michi but we didn't manage to stay within the track limits and we were awarded post-race penalties. Also in Germany and Spa.
How big a step up do you feel it is to be racing in Ace?
Ace is a good division for a good driver to test his consistency and his raw pace against WC-Caliber drivers, last year it wasn't easy cause there were always 5-6 different drivers capable of winning, I don't expect it to be any easier this year aswell.
How do you feel about the new 80% distance format?
I said it last year and I'll say it again, a longer race format provides maybe a bit more boring races for the spectators but for us I think having a longer race give us the opportunity to try different strategies, also we get to test our consistency due to the longer race, cause WC is always a 100% race distance race.
What are your expectations regarding results/performance?
Obviously, last year if someone told me I would have a race win I would laugh, I believe p8 in the standings wasnt representing my speed and my potential, so I think my mission this year should be to prove to myself I'm a WC-caliber driver, hopefully with ACR and OFR we can build a car capable of winning races and who knows?
Do you get help with set up and strategy?
Of course! Both ACR and OFR have incredible people that are ready to help and provide any information regarding setup or strategy tips. I'm assured we have the right people to help not only a new driver, but an established WC driver aswell.
Where do you feel you improved the most last season?
I don't think I can say that before we have a sample of the first races, I hope I can work on my aggresion in the opening laps were I usually feel pressured and I'm keen on having very bad pace until I get my confidence back. Preparing myself mentally for the opening parts of the races and qualifying is going to be huge for me this year, no excuses.
What brought you to ACR?
Initially, it was Michi Hoyer that recruited me back on September in 2015. I had only returned to sim-racing after 3 years and I was doing other sims for fun until he offered me a seat in ACR, 1 year later I think I made the right call, judging by the way both ACR and OFR have grown into established teams in FSR, the best is yet to come though.

Can you do better than last year (which was? best finish, final championship result)
Definitely, there is always room to improve, even for the champions. As I mentioned before, the mental is aspect is gonna be huge for me, if I manage to be composed when I have to I think the season is gonna be twice better than what it was last year so fingers crossed for that.
What will you do differently to 2015?
Definitely with the experience I got in my first year I think I now know how to prepare for a race better than I did, I don't think much is going to be different apart from that.

Michi Hoyer

As already mentioned on Monday I am very happy and proud to have the
responsibility in the team and the trust of Kristopher Cobb so that I can carry out the required tasks and functions. This gives me an additional motivation for the upcomming season.
With having 16 races throughout the season this years season isgoing to be very long. Even just 2
more races compared to last year the decision of the season can fall quite late. I really hope to
achieve my first win after I had my China victory being taken away. After coming 2nd 3 times in a row
in the 2nd season half of 2015 I showed that I am capable of winning a FSR ACE race so I really wantto prove this to be right this season.

What has been your best FSR result to date?
I was winning the Chinese GP in the penultimate corner. Unfortunately I got rid of P1 due to postrace penalties. Appart from that I finished 2nd in Monza, Spa and Singapore in a row.
How do you feel about the new 100% distance format?
I do like this because compared to last season you can compare to WC guys during testing. It has been possible last year too but this year it is going to be more easy and more transparent.
What are your expectations regarding results/performance?
I want to win the constructors championship (as mentioned above) and I want to be achampionship contender in drivers standings again.
Do you get help with set up and strategy?
Yes. My entire team is working hard on strategy- and setup information. As I am head of the strategy department at ACR I am prepared in a good way.
Where do you feel you improved the most last season?
I improved a lot in consistency and mental strengths although I still have deficits in terms of mental performance
What brought you to ACR?
Former ACR Driver Georg Winter and my results from 2014