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Formula SimRacing 2016 World Championship and Car livery reveal!

FSR WC.png
After presenting our staff, PRO and ACE teams, it's time for the big boys, the World Championship contenders! This year we have 1 driver change in our WC team and we are eagerly waiting for the season to kick in and see how well can Nikodem and John-Eric do! Moreover, a video of our livery will follow, with some renders to conclude our presentation for our Formula SimRacing contenders this year in all 3 divisions!


Avid Chronic Racing || Nikodem Wisniewski - John-Eric Saxen

For one more year, we are happy to have John-Eric Saxen with us, his knowledge and experience throughout the years of competing are unmatched and valuable to our team that is looking to bounce back in World Championship! Last year John-Eric had a good start to the season with several point finishes and a top 5 one, however personal commitments and limited time didn't allow him to be at his full strength. We wish him the best for this year!

Our newer addition, Nikodem Wisniewski, surely might remember him from his PRO Series participation last year, however, other commitments didn't allow him to race at all but this year we felt he is the right guy to contend for us in World Championship. With many simracing accomplishments, Nikodem took it to the next level this year and he reached the Gran Turismo Academy finals in Abu Dhabi, real-world racing surely helped him during the winter and we can't wait to see what he can do in 2016! Let's see what he had to say!

I'm really looking forward to WC season. It will be my first one in highest division, so I would like to send many thanks to my team - ACR. They have belief that I'll be proper man to racing in WC, although I didn't show much in last season. Unfortunately I couldn't driven all season, because my univeristy, because holiday job etc. Anyway, now I'm focused to do my best, and you can expect that I will not be a backmarker.
I was lucky that I could get some experience in real racing car on stunning Yas Marina Circuit. That helps me with adjusting my ffb and all pedals or wheel settings. I also have changed my old DFGT for a brand new T300 with T3PA PRO pedals. If you think that difference between that wheels is like betweeen Kamaz and GT-R, then you are right. Finally I don't need to worry about my brake pedal (last set was like 0-50-100 % and nothing between them). In VEC me and Kuba are going for championship, We have similar pace as always, so based on our experience I can say, that I'm looking forward to be very close to him also in FSR. Fasten your belts!

And now it's time to present you our cars for our 2016 teams, sit back and enjoy the amazing video our team members created, our cars have 4 different colours, indicating 4 different teams that are going to participate in Formula SimRacing!