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Formula-SimRacing Team Bahrain Weekend Review

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Mixed results for the team this weekend at Bahrain. Highlights were John-Eric Saxen in 6th in the World Championship and Nikodem Wisniewski in 2nd in PRO.

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It was a decent race weekend for the team, John-Eric Saxen grabbed the 6th position in the FSR World Championship race, recovering from a Q1 elimination, bringing home valuable points for the team. Pashalis Gergis was forced to DNF due to technical throughout the race, having a decent pace to be around the points discussion though.

In the ACE series, our debutant, Dominic Renting, didn't finish his race, as well as Teemu Valkeejarvi who both had racing incidents that forced them to retire, they will surely looking to come back stronger in Canada! Michi Hoyer got a P7, a result he wasn't satisfied with, having a few personal incidents that costed him a better position, not only in the race but in qualifying where he was going for the pole but had a major mistake in Turn 11. Pashalis Gergis managed to get a hardly-fought P8 for the team starting from the pitlane, both of Michi and Pashalis will surely be looking for a podium in Canada, continuing the uptrend in ACE.

In PRO, Nikodem Wisniewski tried his best to defend his pole position in the PRO Series race but he came up 2nd, behind Jeroen Kweekel. Georg Winter earned 7th. Several of our drivers were forced to retire in the 1st lap Chaos, Team blue (David Cook and David O'Reilly) had an early DNF. Eugene Van Loggerenberg came 15th.

The team will do their best to come back stronger in all divisions in the Canada races. Stay tuned!

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