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Formula-SimRacing Team ACR Introduces FSR 2015 Management and Staff

Kris Cobb

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Avid Chronic Racing would like to introduce the Management and Staff of its Formula SimRacing Team for the 2015 Season. We have a few new faces this year and they all seem to be bringing a great deal to the table.

Our Design Team is lead by Peter Helmbro for the second year in a row. He heads up Teemu Valkeejarvi, the main helmet designer and Kris Cobb, the main designer of this year's car. The car design is an inspiration of Benjamin Gregory's iRacing team design and the logo of the Avid Chronic Racing team itself. The design team is excited to release its newly designed livery this Friday.

The Technology Team is lead by Cordell Cahill for the second year. He and Pascal Chapon design advanced software for our team to use.

The Marketing Team is lead by newcomer Michi Hoyer. Michi will be securing partnerships for the team this season.

The Press and Media Team responsibilities are shared by Kris Cobb and David O'Reilly. They will be bringing you team updates and weekend reviews this year.

The Senior Management this season is Michi Hoyer, Georg Winter, and Kris Cobb. Michi Hoyer leads our Strategy and Engineering department, heading up practice sessions and race strategy. Georg Winter is the team's Sporting Director for the ACE Series, guiding the ACE Teams to a succesful season. Kris Cobb is the Team Principal for the second year. Building off the highly succesful first season, we hope to be competitive for multiple championships this year.

Avid Chronic Racing is excited to have the talents of the people listed and is looking forward to a highly succesful season!