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Formula-SimRacing Team ACR Announces Ace Driver Line-up for FSR 2015

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It's warming up in the room here at The Stokehouse at St Kilda in Melbourne if not out on the beach as the setting turns long shadows into darkness on Port Phillip Bay.

The Pro Drivers look a bit relieved and engage in some good natured banter about predicted inter-team battles at Melbourne.
One driver lets it slip over a coffee outside that they reckon between the 16 drivers and test drivers on the ACR roster that 8,000 test laps of Albert Park Have been driven.

Anyway ACR Team Principal Kris Cobb has taken the mike again and centre stage.
Kris: We see Ace as an important part of a drivers preparation for World Championships but also a very prestigious championship in itself. A Podium is highly prized, a couple of wins and you are ready for World Championships. The driver roster has strengthened in this, our second year in FSR.
I would like you to welcome our ACR Ace driver line-up for 2015.

Our main-OrangeTeam - Georg Winter and Michi Hoyer

and our Blue Team - Teemu Valkeejarvi and Pashalis Gergis.

Again we hand over to the host broadcaster and Race Department virtual journalist of the year Martin O'Brundle for the interviews.

ACR Team Blue

Hi to Finnish racer, Teemu Valkeerjarvi.

Teemu, what has been your best FSR result to date?
P4 in Pro Series race at COTA last season

How big a step up do you feel it is to be racing in Ace?
There's a bit more challenge for sure but I don't think the difference between the quickest on Ace and on Pro is that big, the field in general is tougher and I like that.

How do you feel about the new 80% distance format?

I like it, closer to 100% the better.

Did you use the available assists in Pro?
Nope. I never use assists, those just slows you down.

What are your expectations regarding results/performance?
I think we have a very strong team this season so my expectations for the team are pretty high, for myself I think good aim is to score points every race.

Do you get help with set up and strategy?
Yes, here you get help with everything when you just ask. I also hope I can help others.

Where do you feel you improved the most last season?
I improved the most with the tyres, they are very different in rF2 compared to any other sim I've played so it has taken a while to learn how they behave, I'm still far from an expert with them.

What do you want to work on now?

What brought you to ACR?
Not what but who, Dan Brewer.

Is it true that you can fish in winter in Finland by cutting a hole in the ice?
Yes Martin.

Now to introduce Teemu's team mate from Athens Greece, Pashalis Gergis

Good evening Pashalis, What has been your best FSR result to date?
Some 9th place on the Winter Series but let's not talk about that. It was a disaster series of races for me even though I had some really good pace for top 5 finishes.

How big a step for you do you feel it is to be racing in Ace?
When I first came to the team I was informed to be a Pro driver, that sounded fair cause I hadn't touched a wheel for 2.5 years due to many issues (broken wheel as well) and since I got a new one on August I was just playing on some Assetto Corsa public races. Joining FSR was always one of my targets, if a chance showed up.

Any views on the new 80% distance format?
As it is only my 1st season in FSR I can't really compare to the old 2-races format. Still though, I prefer a longer race cause the strategies could vary with higher fuel and higher wear and we can see some exciting races. Sure those 60%-30% races were exciting as well but 80% should bring top drivers closer to how WC race distance is.

Where do you think you will be this season with results/performance?
I remain confident about the season, the team looks 1 click faster than last (rookie) year and I'm pleased to work with them and help them get some good results. This is going to be a good year for ACR as far as I can tell.

Do you get help with set up and strategy?
The team and all of their drivers are always available to assist me and the rest of the crew with set-up advice (something you don't see in all of the contending teams), strategy plans and anything someone might need, that's something really special to see in such a competitive league and that shows the spirit inside the team and what Kris Cobb, our team boss wants to bring in to the table.

What do you want to work on now?
After the long inactivity I didn't expect to get my groove that quick but thanks to the team I got some good times during testing. In the FSR Winter Series it was more than obvious that my achilles heel was to remain consistent and not do mistakes that can take me out of the race, it became really frustrating to see myself being out-fought by my own mistakes, especially when I had some really good pace. That's where will I focus for now cause I will need to remain composed when the FSR Ace season starts. One more issue I need to take a look as well is my Qualifying preparations and be able to hit my optimal lap times when it matters, cause I lost my composure there in the Winter Series many times and didn't get my grid slot I deserved or could achieve.

What brought you to ACR?
Michi Hoyer, our strategy engineer and Ace driver was the one who let me know about ACR. We used to race together in rF1 and I really liked the project our team had and it didn't take much till I bought rFactor 2 and started working to get myself in shape for the season and for the team to hire me. So thanks to him for giving me the chance to compete with some really good drivers in FSR. We all look forward for results, the tools are surely there.

Well thanks Pashalis for a very frank interview, one more question. Is Baclava a greek speciality?
No Martin its really traditional in all parts of the former Ottoman Empire rather than Greece.

We now move to the ACR Orange Team

Welcome to Melbourne and FSR Ace to German Driver Georg Winter

So George share with us, what has been your best FSR result to date?
This was a 3rd place at the last Pro Race of 2014s FSR Season. Was a great race and a great battle.

How big a step up do you feel it is to be racing in Ace?
I think its a bit higher skill level than Pro but I think last year I improved that fast, that I’m ready for this challenge.

How do you feel about the new 80% distance format?
I don’t really care

Oh OK, Did you use the available assists in Pro?
No, Only Auto Clutch

What are your expectations of youself in Ace?
I hope to do consistent Top10 Results.

Do you get help with set up and strategy?
Ya I can get help. The teams help is great. If you need something everybody is willing to help you. But personally I always prefer to do my own Set-up.

Where do you feel you improved the most last season?
I learned Sim Racing at all :D

What do you want to work on now?
I think my pace is now on a good level. Now I have to work on consistency or better said on being consistently fast.

What brought you to ACR?
There was a Forum post in RD, that ACR is looking for Pro Drivers so I took this chance.

Do you feel that the East German Cuisine improved after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 89?
Have you tried much West German food?

We will now welcome Georg's team mate, a German driver who is returning to Ace for a second season, Michi Hoyer.

What has been your best FSR result to date?
in the unofficial FSR series with ASR OWC 1992 I made my first victory.
In FSR 2014 main series I scored P3 in Malaysia in 2014.

How do you see Ace in the FSR story?
Well racing in FSR is a nice thing anyway. Racing Ace means to be part of the top 20-25 guys in FSR (although WC's Grid is that size but I guess some of them would be slower than the strongest guys of Ace). its indeed a pleasure to race against / with them.

How do you feel about the new 80% distance format?
Not sure about that yet. I liked the idea of having 2 races. But the first race of two should have been changed in a way the ordinary one stop strategy would be replaced by some tricky strategy thinking. so a longer race or higher wear or something, but it was okay. I liked it the way it was.

Season two for you. Where will you be on points/performance?
As I did 5/12 Race-weekends and scored 98 points in those 10 Races I did I want to do at least 12/14 races (due to calendar issues) and score a average of 15 points per race. so I want to have about 150 points listed after the season.

Do you get help with set up and strategy?

With ACR I find myself in a competitive and well trained team. the drivers work on all the set-ups and everyone puts in his performance and knowledge to have a good result for both themselves and the team. That is really nice.

Where do you feel you improved the most last season?
I would say I increased my pace by 2 or 3 tenth and I’m much more capable of dealing with in race pressure.

What do you want to work on now?
Not cracking under pressure and even more durability and consistency.

What brought you to ACR?
I got known to a driver of ACR (Georg Winter) who it seems told Kris Cobb about me. We had a chat and everything was nice.

What do you think of the Australian cuisine?
We travel with our own catering team, so every country is the same I'm afraid Martin.


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