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Formula-SimRacing Team ACR Announces 2015 World Championship Drivers

David O'Reilly

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Well night has fallen here now at Melbourne and I don't know if its the lighting but the crowd seem a bit more glamorous than earlier in the proceedings. It's possibly due to the fact that Avid Chronic Racing is about to introduce its two World Championship drivers for 2015.

Kris Cobb is centre stage and announces:
We would like to introduce our championship driver from Sweden, Peter Helmbro.

Peter's first season in Formula SimRacing was in 2013 when he drove a few races for Slitex Racing. 2014 was his first full season, and Peter raced in both ACE and World Championship. He earned his first World Championship points finish last year at Suzuka, earning 10th place. We are excited to have Peter back on our team this year.

Martin O'Brundle steps up to the mike to do the host broadcaster interview.

Hi Peter,

As a World Championship driver I'm sure the the audience would welcome some insight into your Racing career experience?

I started my career with the Grand Prix 2. I can still dream when I was sitting with a joystick and drove the old Hockenheimring… memories. After Grand Prix 3 and 4 I had a few years away from the steering wheel. When I tested F1 2010 for Xbox 360 I remembered how much fun it is to compete. So I joined a league (Apex Racing League) and played some seasons there. But I never really liked the Codemasters games. Robert Rudholm and I got to know each other through the league (ARL) and wanted to try something new. He fixed a spot in WC with his team Slitex Racing at the end of the season 2013. I didn’t know then, that this league had so many good drivers. And it is not a good idea to start your FSR career in WC and even don’t know how to make a set-up.

What has been your best FSR result to date?

Japan last season. I took my first WC points after I raced in both ACE and WC last season.

You are paired with one of the most experienced drivers on the grid. What are your expectations regarding results/performance?

To take more points than last season. And to give my much more (FSR) experienced team mate a fight during the season.

What do you want to work on now?

To get the tyres to last as long as possible, that will be a key factor. And.. mental pressure. I am one of two ACR WC drivers, and I know I need to be one of the leaders in our team. Especially when we are so many good drivers, then it is difficult to be the best driver.

Well Thanks Peter for such a great interview, we will watch with interest your 2015 season.

And now we need to introduce a man who needs little introduction.
From Finland John Eric Saxen. JES to many of his friends.

Firstly Kris Cobb will say a few words.

Kris: John-Eric Saxen will be leading our Formula SimRacing Team this year. Last year was his first year with Avid Chronic Racing, helping to earn 7th place in the Constructors' Championship. His experience comes from 8 years in Formula SimRacing, both ACE and World Championship leagues. He has raced in long standing teams such as Faster than Speed, Ghostspeed, Ash Racing, GT Omega and even a race with Precision Motorsports. Avid Chronic Racing is excited to have John-Eric back this season and look forward to good results.

Thank you Kris.

Hi John Eric, Great to see you again..
With an FSR career that saw you start in 2006, a year where you joined your first World Championship grid. 2007 where you scored your first podium with a 3rd in Canada. A smattering of podiums since. Its hard with an interview to know where to start and where to stop.

You have great technical skills in the RF2 sim, is that a help in understanding the racing or a hindrance in that you end up doing a lot more work for other people?

It's mostly an advantage. While knowledge of the platform doesn't make me a quicker driver, it helps with the car set-up process and the small details to get everything out of the sim.

Do you feel that with the role of President behind you your greater focus on racing will yield results?

It allows me a bit more focus on the racing side, yes. I still don't have endless hours to devote to this hobby as when I was in my early 20's, but even with less focus things can be done well.

What is your expectations for 2015?

Every year goal is to improve in some aspect. There is so much to learn still, in particular related to rF2 tyre model. For example the tyre wear is dependent on both abrasion (as in rF1) and thermal degradation (new), meaning tire temperatures directly impact the wear rate. I have some specific ideas on how to alter my driving style to turn the high tire wear of the mod into an advantage rather than a hindrance, as it was for me last season.

Well thanks John Eric, I'm sure I am not alone in wishing you a great 2015.

Ladies and gentlemen that concludes the driver introdcutions for Avid Chronic. We will see on the race track in about a week!


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