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Kris Cobb

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Avid Chronic Racing (ACR) is a top tier console racing team established in 2009 in coordination and conjunction of the TSR and SITH teams and their leaders. We set out to have a team 100% focused on developing drivers and attracting the best talent already out there to create that top tier team. With the introduction of the team forums on the Apex Racing League (ARL) in March 2012 this allowed a vast expansion into a massive community of drivers and characters. We were up to an astounding 21 ARL members and 25 including the remaining members. The current members have grown Avid Chronic Racing into one of the most talented teams on the ARL.
In 2013, the removal of the team forums on the ARL site prompted the team leaders to create their own private forum for sharing information. ACR now has a robust forum and website.
2013 also saw the formation of iRacing and Formula Sim Racing Teams. This allows ACR to have a presence in the top tiers of virtual sim racing.
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